Sexuality and Forbidden Intimacy

There is a great deal of controversy in various societies around the world as to the age when a person should start engaging in sexual intercourse. It can be crazy to know in some cultures it is as young as eleven years old. Others have them waiting until they are in their twenties. What is also strange is that many people have an idea of when they feel someone should stop having sex.

Yet it is important for people to realize that is a very personal decision to make. It is fine to continue having sex into your 60’s and beyond. There is no reason to stop doing it simply because of how many birthdays you have compiled over the years. In fact, many individuals in this age group are no where near getting ready to stop. They are enjoying a new found freedom due to retirement and other changes in their lives.

The prophetic conduct towards sex has been abandoned by several American Muslim communities, particularly those of immigrant descent, in favour of outright silence. Topics including an acknowledgement of realities such as pregnancies before marriage or adultery are rarely mentioned in many Muslim circles; the fear being that acknowledgement would act as an endorsement, validation and inspiration for unislamic sexual deviances.

They now have both the time and the desire to experiment with their feelings about their own sexuality. They may finally understand that it is all about what makes them and their partner feel the best. They may feel more relaxed now that they don’t have to worry about making a baby. They can just engage in sex for the pure fun and satisfaction that comes with it.

Mentally, a person get themselves into a mode where they never stop to question having sex. They may have really enjoyed it as a younger person and so they continue to do so. It never really crosses their mind that society may see them as being too old to be a part of such activities. People are living longer and healthier lives now than ever before so that is helping to shift the mindset about the topic as well.

For many Muslims, sexuality is coded in negatives. One major reason why Muslim women believe they are required to cover much of their bodies and their hair is to guard against untoward or unwanted sexual advances — and thus preserve their chastity. And while it is certainly not promoted by Islam, many Muslims who carry out female genital mutilation (FGM) believe that they are fulfilling a religious obligation, one meant to curb female sexual desire.


For those that aren’t as confident as they once were about their own sexual desires, now is the time to do something about it. Work to develop your self esteem by accepting your body for what it is. While it may not be perfect chances are you still have plenty to desire. Make sure your spouse knows you love how their body is too. This is just as important for those over 60 as it is for younger individuals. It is also important for men as well as women.

Having sex when you are over 60 can be a very different experience though. You may feel more relaxed and have more time on your hands for it. You may find you really want to connect with your partner in this way. That means both of you are committed to having a very satisfying sex life. Supplements like Male extra do help up to some extent. However naturally enhancing your libido is important.

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Growing up, there was always this unspoken rule to never talk about sex with your parents. It’s a topic of discussion I was shy to broach because I never wanted to elicit any flashes of anger or suspicion by my traditional parents. Until toward the end of my high school career, my knowledge was equivalent to the kid who sat outside the classroom during sex ed. In fact, I WAS that kid. I didn’t know jack about the birds and the bees.

Feel free to experiment with sex even if you are more than 60 years of age. As long as you are having a great time then that is what matters. If you are struggling with it then see a professional. There can be an array of factors preventing you from having the sex life you long for. Address them now so you can have more time to enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. It doesn’t have to stop until you want it to, and for most people that is well beyond the age of 60.