My fellow Muslim Americans

Citizenship in a democracy is a privilege, trust and empowerment. While we, Muslim Americans, generally accept the privilege and honor the trust, we seem to shy away from political empowerment, which is ours to exercise. This deprives us of our rightful political voice and participation, as well as depriving the fair-minded political leaders of our much needed and concerted support.


Furthermore, Muslim Americans today are subject to attacks from bigoted and prejudiced circles, laws are being passed to greatly restrict civil liberties of Muslim Americans, unfair profiling by government agencies is becoming established practice. The first step toward a resistance to these is political participation. We have to educate the candidates of the truth about us. At the same time, we must mobilize political opposition against these attacks by actively participating in the greatest American gifts to the world – the democratic process and political institutions. Establishment of a new federal political action committee (PAC) called Muslim American Political Action Committee (MAPAC) on the 4th of July, 2004, represents our American response for political empowerment of Muslim Americans.

Objectives of MAPAC:


  • MAPAC shall directly engage political office holders and candidates to work for preservation of due rights and liberties of Muslim Americans in the United States, and promote social justice for all people in the United States, as granted by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • MAPAC shall strive to boost political participation and empowerment of Muslim Americans.

These objectives may be attained through development of political leaderships, political appointments, lobbying, campaign activities, mobilization of bloc votes, endorsement and fund-raising drives for and contributions to deserving candidates, and other activities pertinent to political and legal processes.

Besides the Presidential candidates, MAPAC is actively engaging Senate and Congress candidates in dialogs to explore whether it should endorse their candidacy. MAPAC is also seeking local Muslim American input for these candidates. Please feel free to email me your input on any federal candidate from your state. Information on all MAPAC endorsements will be published through this website.

Structure and scope:

MAPAC seeks to build a strong relationship with any Muslim American or other organization which supports its objectives, and work with any entity within the scope allowed by law. However, MAPAC operates independently, and is not financed, maintained or controlled by any other organization. Furthermore…

  • MAPAC is organized as a federal political committee registered with FEC.
  • The scope of MAPAC is primarily the federal elections, i.e., the President of the US, the US Senate and the US Congress.

These activities require a substantial amount of funding:

The task we have undertaken is essential and monumental. However, we can only accept personal individual (non-institutional) donations from American citizens and immigrants (permanent residents). According to the law, a qualified individual can make a donation of up to $5,000 to MAPAC per calendar year.

Inshallah, with your support, we can raise the funds needed for our activities. So, please make a donation to MAPAC to strengthen and uphold the Muslim American cause. Please go to the Donations & Membership page of this website and make a contribution.

We’ll also request you to make campaign contributions to the candidates we endorse. It’s YOUR vote and donations which will make the difference – to get these candidates elected.

May our effort be successful and make the Muslim Americans a constructive, beneficial, just and strong community.