An Intro to Paleo Diet

A healthy lifestyle is the focus of everyone living in the present times. A lot of people are happy and content to eat snacks and other fast food for the entire day. This has created a major health concern. Today many nutritionists believe that a Paleo diet is the best way to fight against this. Paleo diet is one of the prominent diet practices being followed. But before a person starts to follow something, it is important to understand what it is and what it offers. Paleo diet is to eat as the primitive men (Homo Sapiens) did.

The prime focus of the Paleo Diet is the view that primitive Homo Sapiens were strong, muscular, healthy, happy and agile. A major cause of this is what they ate and hence, by following the same line, people can achieve a healthier lifestyle. This is a valid argument. But the most amazing point about this diet is that one does not have to become a complete vegetarian. Since primitive men ate meat, it is a part of this diet.

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Also there is no fasting involved. However, cookies, muffins and other such foods must be forgone or at least controlled to fully attain the benefits of a Paleo diet.

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What exactly is a paleo diet?

Paleo diet is a term that many people are using these days. It is a very simple thing. It means to eat like the primitive Homo Sapiens. There are some foods to be removed from one’s diet. But this does not mean one has to become a total vegetarian. A paleo diet requires some diet changes, not a regime overhaul.

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There are no specific workouts or exercises involved in this diet and there is absolutely no meal skipping involved. To be very specific, one has to eat as much agrarian foods as he can. To be precise, it means to say goodbye to pastas, snacks, cookies, processed grains and low quality foods.

The food we commonly eat today has many substances that create infirmities in the body. Foods have high levels of sugars making them quite unhealthy. Certain foods, especially processed foods, are gluten free. Excess consumption of such foods serves as a catalyst to a host of health problems such as reproductive problems, dermatitis, gastrointestinal tract problems and acid reflux. The primitive men never had these problems and a major reason for this is the food that they ate. Hence, by toeing the same we stand at least reduced possibilities of developing major health concerns.